Dear Web visitor:

First of all I would like to thank you very much for visiting our web site. My intention today is to welcome you to this our site and to give you a brief presentation of our company.

As a marketing company we are oriented to satisfy all our customer’s needs, whether consumers of organic products as quinoa grains or intermediaries who carry our products in the supply chain.

Quinoa is an old grain cultivated in the Andean Mountains by the Incas. I can say that this grain has been rediscovered more than 10 years ago by entrepreneurs who saw big opportunities for offering this grain to people who were interested in good and healthy food, specially the ones who are against today contamination with chemical insecticides which are hazardous to environment and people. As of today the market for this grain has increased in a rate of more than 15% per year in the whole world.

Quinoa Foods Company is dedicated to developing the whole supply chain for the variety Real of Quinoa. We know that we have a big responsibility because demand for the Real variety is also growing at a fast rate, and there are strengths and weaknesses that we have to work with in order to keep satisfying needs of customers.

Although some of you are new to the organic life style and may not know much about the quinoa grain, I kindly invite you to try to purchase 1 pound of quinoa at a health and natural food store near your home, and cook the basic recipies that I present to you in this web site. You will enjoy a superior meal in new flavors and nutrient ingestion. I may say that quinoa surely will be one of your best friends in your table after your first try.

Thank you for visiting us, and we certainly look forward to welcoming you again soon.