Quality and Safety Policy

The quality and safety of QUINOA FOODS COMPANY SRL products are central to us in such a way that we generate trust and satisfaction in our customers. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products, processes, services and staff competence to ensure the highest level of quality and safety and to comply with legal requirements; at the same time we extend our quality and safety system to our stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain to complement this commitment.


Satisfy the demand for healthy food in Bolivia and the world.


To be in Bolivia the healthy food company, leader in costs and efficiency.


• QUALITY: Doing things only once

• EMPATHY: Putting oneself in the place of the other

• LOYALTY:Be faithful to the principles and commitments of the Company.

• HONESTY: Work with transparency

• TEAM WORK: Cooperation between employees to meet the objectives of the company

• RESPECT: Accept the other person without judging or belittling

• AMIABILITY: Treat others as you want them to treat you

• RESPONSIBILITY: Compliance with commitments